The Storm is a short film and screen test for a feature film by the same name. 

The test was shot on the Digital Domain stages in Venice, California over the course of two shooting days. For this purpose the interior of a dwelling was constructed, including furniture and props. The exterior shots were achieved by a combination of miniatures and matte paintings.

Swedish born actress Karin Hallén played the dual role of Linnea and her doppelgänger who visits her on a stormy night. Michelle Butler acted as a body double for Ms Hallén, when both characters appear on screen simultaniously. 



The cinematography of The Storm is the result of a close collaboration between director of cinematography Joe di Gennaro and Feli di Giorgio. Inspiration was taken from the German expressionist cinema of the 1920's and 30's and such films as F.W. Murnau's Faust, The Last Laugh and Sunrise.

The camera package consisted of a vintage1936 Mitchell NC-R and Arriflex IIc mounting Bausch + Lomb Super Baltar prime lenses. Mitchell (Pancro) diffusion filters were used to add an additional touch of bloom to select shots.

The film stock was black and white 35mm Kodak 5222 rated at 200asa. Development and prints were handled by Fotokem. A 2k scan of the fine grain negative was provided by Cinelicious for the digital intermediate performed by Feli di Giorgio.

The lighting setup devised by DoP Joe di Gennaro was elegant in its simplicity. A single Mole 20k shinning through a silk was used as the key light to simulate the full moon. Additional soft fill to control shadow density was provided by a modified IKEA lantern powered by a 300w quartz bulb on a dimmer. Mole 1k 407 units were used for rim lighting and a Leeko light fitted with a cookie provided shadow patterns as desired.